Sales vs Marketing

Sales vs Marketing

Some people get confused with the difference between sales and marketing. Although the two have major similarities, they are both very different in their own respects. What makes them different though? Well, quite a lot of things. But lets first take a look into what makes them similar.

The purpose of both is to sell a good or service. Results are determined by how much you were able to sell, and how much cash you raked in. They both take an understanding of your audience as well. If you don’t understand your audience, then you can’t understand their needs. If you don’t understand the needs of your audience, then it makes a lot harder to sell your product to them.

People don’t only need food, water, and shelter. Those, of course, are the basic human needs, but in the modern world humans crave acceptance and love. Marketers and salespeople understand this. They have the ability to manipulate a person based on the fact they can convince people that if they buy their product, the customer will be loved and accepted.

That is the most base similarity between sales and marketing, but what are the differences? Well, according to James Heaton, the biggest difference is that marketers try to sell to people based on the environment, and sales people’s jobs are to change the environment they are in. So, as an example, he is saying that a marketer will look at a pen, see whats trending, and try to sell you that pen based on what’s trending. A sales person will try to convince you to buy the pen based on a need that they create for the consumer. However, I have to say, I don’t agree with that.

I believe the main difference between sales and marketing is the approach. Sales is more direct, and marketing is more passive. Marketing will create a message, and wait for the consumers to come in. Sales will search out the customers, and reach them directly. In the end, however, Marketing reaches a larger audience than sales. Sales targets a certain group, and attacks. Marketing targets a certain group, and lays down the bait, and waits.

That is the main difference between marketing and sales.


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